Monday, June 2, 2014

Flood risk areas! Woolgoolga to Grafton

The birds were chortling merrily as we left Woolgoolga this morning.

The town is dominated by a stunning white and gold Sikh temple complete with statues of horse mounted deities at the entrance. When we arrived yesterday, there were people milling everywhere, dressed in their colourful traditional finery.

Today, back on the highway, the swampy roadside ditches were alive with masses of amorous frogs calling loudly and incessantly.

The roller coaster road is subject to flooding in the valleys as indicated by 2 metre measuring sticks. No wonder so many towns are built on hills.

We arrived in Grafton at 12.30pm and after a visit to the 'i' centre, decided to stay at the nearest motel. We are close to a supermarket and perfectly positioned for rejoining the Pacific Highway in the morning.

Did 55kms today.

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