Friday, April 11, 2014

Raring to go!

Friday and it's a cool, cloudy day. Visited a bike shop to quiz local cyclists re best route south out of town. As we suspected, there's no avoiding the Adelaide Hills. Did a short cycle along the south eastern route - a gradual uphill climb all the way! We're both raring to go!
Interested to discover that cyclists in the city centre not only have their own cycleways but also have their own traffic lights at busy intersections. The lights allow them to make their turns before the main stream of traffic. A great idea!

Walked to Rundle Mall via the Central Markets. People everywhere collecting their fresh produce in their trundler bags. Every sort of fresh produce imaginable - and all undercover. Spending the           afternoon catching up on washing, journals etc and doing a preliminary trailer pack.                          
It's all on tomorrow!

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