Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We've arrived!

Big black crows are calling from the roof tops and a couple of lazy flies are dive bombing us. We're definitely in Oz!

Had a 3.00am start in Orewa and arrived in Adelaide at 10.20 am. We watched nervously as our taxi driver proceeded to squeeze our very large boxes into his very small taxi. He looked bemused when we told him our plans, then he told us his own amazing story. As a young man, he fled from the violence and bloodshed in his homeland Eritrea and trekked 3000+ kms at night on foot through the desert to Cairo, eventually migrating to Australia. Made our trip sound like a walk in the park!

Settled into our motel, bought a few stores and assembled the trailers. By 6.30pm we were both pooped and collapsed into bed.

Assembling the bike trailers.

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