Saturday, May 24, 2014

Going, Going, Gong! Shell Harbour to Gosford

The Orewa Express was back in action again with a flat fast ride to The Gong (Wollongong) arriving around 9.30am.

Checked in at the railway station for train schedules and found that a train was due soon for Sydney Central. We decided to buy tickets to Gosford, north of Sydney, changing trains at Sydney Central, to avoid the city traffic.

Both connections were close calls.
Not only did we have to get the bikes and trailers onto the trains, but Del had to carry them up flights of stairs and manoevre them into lifts to get on and off platforms.

We were both tired and hungry by the time we arrived in Gosford at 1.30pm.

We contacted a couple of likely places to spend the night but they turned out to be unsuitable. We were beginning to despair when a kindly bus driver told us of a motel 2kms away. We arrived at The Willows around 3.30pm.

Food shopping, some washing and a salad tea and we were ready for bed. What a day!
Did 25kms today - by bike!

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