Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hills and more hills! Merimbula to Bermagui

Today we left the Princes Highway and took the coastal route along the Sapphire Coast Drive. This is probably the hilliest section we've encountered so far - and the steepest! On one hill, our walking speed was down to 2.5kms an hour - and we had to stop every few metres to recover!

The weather has been perfect - warm and windless, but in spite of an early 7.30am start, we still didn't arrive at Bermagui until 3.30pm, averaging about 8.5kms an hour!

There were a record number of dead kangaroos on today's section of road, and countless numbers of termite mounds.

There were also several controlled burnoffs in the region resulting in a hazy, smoky day's ride.

Did 66kms today.

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