Friday, May 30, 2014

Yet another bridge to cross! Kew to Kempsey

And we thought that the hills were behind us! Had to walk a couple today and the information centre in Kempsey tells us that there are more stinkers ahead of us!

It was cooler today and we had the odd light shower so jackets were worn to start today's ride.

New South Wales is endowed with numerous rivers and creeks.
Crossing bridges is always a challenge and we seem to have crossed more than usual today.

Whether long or short,  bridges have a single lane each way and rarely have a cycle lane. We have to pedal like mad as close to the left as possible until we reach the end where there is usually a small shoulder. Meanwhile the traffic roars past in both directions, so we have to keep our cool - and keep a straight line!

Today we crossed the bridge over the Macleay River into Kempsey. It's claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of country singer, Slim Dusty.

We took a motel unit in the city centre. For the first time we were advised not to lock the bikes outside because of the risk of theft, so we wheeled them into our unit. 

Did 68kms today.

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