Saturday, May 10, 2014

Soaked! Bairnsdale to Lakes Entrance

Warm and overcast this morning. Planned a short ride today hoping to arrive at Lakes Entrance well before lunch for a good "look see". As we set off the rain began. By the time we'd reached our destination we were cold and soaked through.

Staying in a budget cabin at Woodbine Caravan Park to dry out.

Lakes Entrance is a pretty fishing town popular with tourists in the summer. Commercial fishing boats are moored along the Esplanade and there are several impressive carvings chainsawed out of large logs by sculptor John Brady.

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since we set out from Adelaide and the start of our journey north towards Sydney.
Did 35kms today.

WW1 soldier, chainsaw carving - Lakes Entrance
Pioneer family, chainsaw carving - Lakes Entrance

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  1. Congratulations - 4 weeks into it, and still going strong despite the weather. You are tracking really well and we're following you on the map. Keep up the awesome work! xx Julie & the boys